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CANNABIS CUISINE, (a great cookbook)

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Canada's Oldest Marijuana Legalization Organization.

Umberto Iorfida ; President ; Email NORML NOW.

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  • (16 November NORML Canada) Report from Holland.
  • (13 November NORML Canada) Historical First Announced by NORML Canada President Umberto Iorfida : DETAILS.
  • (12 November NORML Canada) Medical Marijuana/Glaucoma Comments.
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The Can-Abyss Supply Dilemma

"Until full legality and regulation, Canada and the U.S. will always have two large groups of marijuana traffickers. One group, facist style, works as police state informant, continually destroying their competition, shaking down the citizens, informing on them, and helping with evidence after arrests (We are not saying that the police are facists, we are saying they are using Stalinist techniquies to entrap, impoverish, smear, and imprison marijuana users.) The other group works underground, undetected, in relative freedom, but always under threat. Law abiding citizens today are trapped between these groups in the middle. Our advice ? Stay underground, stay away from informants, but seek a legitimate marijuana policy for Canada, or your own country.

Write all of your Members of Parliament and Members of Congress at both the provincial and national levels. Address the lack of a legitimate supply of marijuana. Lobby for the 'right to grow your own without fear of blackmail, extortion, or criminal penalties'. Discuss how the permanent "drug dealer" and "prison culture" underclass consisting of literally millions of persons, most with felony records, must perpetuate itself in an underground economic fashion. How can we transition peacefully to a legitimate marijuana supply system ? Family values, civilization, and success are not augmented by the arbitrary prison/informant narco-state. "NORML Canada has few resources, other than just many (non member) friends, to utilize for reform work." "Join and/or contribute to NORML Canada Today."