Important Notice To Visiting Federal Agents

Page script by James Dawson

All we want is to be left alone. I know that's all I want, and I keep hearing my friends say the same thing. Just leave us alone, and we'll leave you alone. We are fighting for a medicine that you have branded poison. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but, You ARE crazy! A simple harmless plant that makes a person want to laugh and love his neighbor. A "drug" that makes a person want to rob the refrigerator or maybe kill a cow and eat it

There are hundreds of thousands of people just like me who use this plant in a medicinal way who are suffering needlessly, all because YOU say this plant is as dangerous as morphine and Heroin. I don't even get high on the shit anymore, but it helps ease my suffering ... It helps round off the edges. It helps me! I KNOW marijuana is a medical necessity for sick patients and citizens have constitutional rights to be free from pain and to dictate their own medical treatment.

Why can't you see? We are just like you, We are your sons and daughters your lawyers and judges your mechanics and your doctors. We fly your planes and drive your buses. We are your neighbors, people with hopes and dreams for our children, we just choose to use an herb, instead of alcohol or any of the other LEGAL or MORE DEADLY drugs ALCOHOL or TOBACCO!

But just know this. I am and WE ARE FREE human beings. Very simply that...... I will live my life, peacefully, as I see fit. If, in so doing, I bump up against some silly regulation or some "stupid law" , as Homer Simpson would say, I will just have to live by my conscious and know in my heart that I am hurting no one nor any thing. But maybe your feelings. But no matter what you do, I will be free.

I will be free if I rot in your prisons.

If you ruin my reputation before the public, I will still be free in my heart.

If you seize everything I own, I will be free by owning nothing.

If you kill me, my written words will still burn with life.

You can't change that if you bury me under every law book and regulatory excrescence in the country.

And what's really wonderful is that every day, through your very own abuses and intrusions, you yourselves create 10,000 more as fiercely, stubbornly determined as I.