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Marsh Marijuana Club!

There is strong scientific evidence that marijuana is a safe and effective medicine. It is time for the federal government to help resolve this problem rather than threaten doctors with sanctions for providing medical advice to their patients and denying seriously ill patients access to a much needed medicine!!!


100% Hemp!!!

We are a small but growing online supply depot of medicinal hemp products.This non profit organization is here to help the disabled,chronic pain,serious illness sufferers across canada.Those of you that enjoy herb for recreation,we're sorry! enjoy your visit. To obtain Membership e-mail us.(Medical records,doctor confirmation)absolute must. Medical forms available for printout here

(NOTE: Please remember to refer to the Kingston Branch.)

Message For Visiting RCMP

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From: The Marsh Marijuana Club.,
HQ - Bradford,Ont. Can..

Members of the Marsh marijuana Club are people like you and me who suffer from a wide range of illnesses! Glaucoma, Aids, Cancer, Depression, and MS,just to name a few! Conventional treatments have usually failed and these patients are discovering the medical benefits of Cannabis

The clear majority of the public voters defend these patients rights and We are here to provide them a nonprofit inexpensive source of clean,safe,medical marijuana! How do we do this,You ask? We need alot of help from You!

Anyone who can contribute "time,services,products,or expertise are Welcome to contribute to the Club!

We sent you this letter because We at the club could use your help and support for a long over due cause. Remember these people are seriously ill,often dying,and they currently risk their live's to buy "street pot" !

Please help us,help them!

Search your heart for the answer !

We can be reached by Email

The Marsh Marijuana Club.