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Members: Methods of Consumption : Smoking

Smoking marijuana produces the most immediate effects. As smoke can effect the lungs, care should be taken as to method. An important thing to remember is that the stronger the medication, the less one requires to produce the same effect.

While smoking, it is not necessary to take giant mega-puffs, and to hold this amount in your lungs until you're about to turn blue. A small puff, inhaled as you would a normal cigarette, and held for a mere few seconds, will produce the same, yet healthier, results.

The joint (marijuana cigarette) is one of the smoothest and safest of methods. With a strong grade, generally 2-4 puffs is sufficient for most patients in obtaining relief from nausea and loss of appetite. With a few caveats, a plain pipe is also recommended.

Take small puffs, clean your pipe and screen regularly, and toss out that goop. It is harmful tar that is successfully filtered from your medicine. Do not smoke harmful tar. The healthiest method of pipe smoking is to gently puff while touching the flame to the edges of the medicine. This will create a safe and clean burning.

The TMMC warns against water pipes bongs, and mold. Moisture can produce harmful bacteria. To assure your medicine is pure, keep it dry, and do not use bongs and waterpipes. Just 20 seconds in a microwave can kill any bacteria and mold that might have grown on your medicine.